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Emergency Operations Centre Concepts

Emergency Operations Centre Concepts

1 day of classroom-based training

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****This course has essential learning requirements – NSW Emergency Management Program & Intro to Emergency Management****

This course covers the activities of staff to support an emergency operation, including:

  • the function of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)
  • the Emergency Operations Centre Standard Operation Procedures and role of staff
  • procedures for collecting, collating, displaying and disseminating information
  • how to establish and close an Emergency Operations Centre.

The scope of the course is confined to the functions performed by Emergency Operations Centre staff rather than the emergency response or transition to recovery operations.

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • understand the purpose and function of an Emergency Operations Centre
  • establish and administer an Emergency Operations Centre
  • deal with extended operations
  • understand the information flows of an Emergency Operations Centre, and how and why information is collected
  • record and display information in the Emergency Operations Centre using the correct format, and know how to disseminate this information.

This course is for paid and volunteer personnel staffing a local, regional or state Emergency Operations Centre. Course content reflects the role of centre staff who implement information management procedures, include Liaison Officers and support roles such as clerks.


This is a non-accredited course.

The organisation you nominate during enrolment may request information from Resilience NSW about staff or volunteers who undertake this course. Your organisation collects this information to determine the names or number of staff/volunteers who complete this training.

Resilience NSW will only release your name and details as they relate to the delivery of this course. All other personal details will not be released by Resilience NSW, and will remain confidential. Enrolment in this course is acknowledgement that this information can be released to the organisation you have nominated at registration.

Upcoming Courses

Name Date Time Location Available Spaces
2023/138 - Emergency Operations Centre Concepts 29 June 2023 08:30 am - 04:30 pm Macksville 18

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