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Local Emergency Management Committee Foundations

Local Emergency Management Committee Foundations

20 minutes. Online self-paced short course consisting of 4 modules.

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Available online at any time.
Essential/Recommended training
No essential or recommended training is required for this course.


This course is recommended for all members who sit on a Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC). It covers the NSW Emergency Management Arrangements, committee functions, and member roles and responsibilities. 

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • define key emergency management and Local Emergency Management Committee terms
  • describe the Emergency Management Arrangements in NSW
  • identify key roles within the Local Emergency Management Committee
  • list the responsibilities of Local Emergency Management Committee members
  • identify the main functions of a Local Emergency Management Committee.

The course is aimed at people who are members of a Local Emergency Management Committee, or support a committee.

Learners are not formally assessed during the course but are tested with a knowledge quiz on completion of each module. A pass mark of 80 per cent or higher for each quiz is required. Three attempts are allowed for each quiz after which time the learner will have to redo the module before they can attempt the quiz again. 

This is a non-accredited course.

The organisation you nominate during enrolment may request information from Resilience NSW about staff or volunteers who undertake this course. Your organisation collects this information to determine the names or number of staff/volunteers who complete this training.

Resilience NSW will only release your name and details as they relate to the delivery of this course. All other personal details will not be released by Resilience NSW, and will remain confidential. Enrolment in this course is acknowledgement that this information can be released to the organisation you have nominated at registration.

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2023 P1 - LEMC Foundations 23/01/2023 01/04/2023

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