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Foundations in Lessons Management

Foundations in Lessons Management

60 minutes. Online, self-paced, short course consisting of 3 modules (20 min each).

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No essential or recommended training is required for this course.


The Foundations in Lessons Management course is designed as a preliminary pathway for people wanting to undertake further emergency management training. The online course covers knowledge management and lessons management concepts, definitions and processes.

On completion of this course, learners will develop an understanding of:

  • how lessons management is linked to knowledge management
  • the benefits of creating a learning culture and putting lessons management into practice
  • understanding the difference between lessons identified and lessons learned and key terms used in Lessons Management 
  • stakeholder responsibilities to help turn lessons identified into lessons learned
  • critical aspects of the Lessons Management process with a focus on the principles of writing good observations. 

This course is aimed at people at all levels of an organisation including: operational, supervisors, managers and leaders, learning and development, knowledge and lessons practitioners.


This is a non-accredited course.

The organisation you nominate during enrolment may request information from Resilience NSW about staff or volunteers who undertake this course. Your organisation collects this information to determine the names or number of staff/volunteers who complete this training.

Resilience NSW will only release your name and details as they relate to the delivery of this course. All other personal details will not be released by Resilience NSW, and will remain confidential. Enrolment in this course is acknowledgement that this information can be released to the organisation you have nominated at registration.

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