aXcelerate questions

Do I have a log in for the learner portal?
If you have previously registered for courses with OEM you should have a log in for the learner portal. If you have not received this information please contact us via email and we will be able to send through your user name and temporary password.
Why am I not receiving emails about courses or the learner portal?
Due to some government agencies firewalls the emails from the learner system aXcelerate may not appear in your inbox. They may appear in your ‘Junk’ inbox or possibly have been deleted, you may need to check with your government IT services about getting these emails.
How do I access the online courses?

First you need to register to attend the course, once you have registered you will receive your log in details from aXcelerate (learner portal). Once you log in, the online course will be located under ‘my activities’.

If you have previously registered for a course you can log in using your aXcelerate user account details, to access your online course.

Learner questions

I have attend a course but haven’t received a certificate how do I print my certificates?
After the course is completed you can request a certificate from the OEM team by email or log into your learner portal and if already created you will be able to print from there.
I have previously completed courses with OEM are these equivalent for RPL?

We apply currency and relevance to courses on our training pathway that are prerequisites for other emergency management training courses provided by OEM.

Courses that are a pathway prerequisite have relevance for 5 years. A course that is a pathway prerequisite (e.g. Introduction to EM as a pathway prerequisite for ME) must have been completed within five years.


Immediate Prerequisite to

Pathway Prerequisite to



Equivalent Training


Introduction to Emergency Management



Evacuation Management


2 years 5 years None
Introduction to Emergency Management


Evacuation Management

ME 2 years 5 years PUAEMR018A – Work in an emergency context, (when delivered in a multi-agency environment)
EOCC ME None 2 years 5 years None

For more information on the RPL process click here.

How can I get my academic transcript?
You can request your academic transcript from the training team by emailing us at we will send through your transcript within 24 hours. If you are an agency manager and require your staff’s transcript please refer to your agencies training department who will request via OEM
How much is a course?
All our courses are free to attend, however we do not supply accommodation (with the exception of the Design And Manage Exercises course) or travel assistance to attend the course, this needs to be paid for by your agency.
I am not government can I attend the course?
Yes non-government agencies are able to attend our courses, however agencies with an operational requirement receive priority.
Can I enrol in 2 courses at the same time?
Yes, but if one has a prerequisite you will need to have completed the course before attending.

Agency questions

My agency wants to hold a course how do we do this?
If your agency would like to hold an agency sponsored course, they will need to email their agency contact provided below. If your agency is not listed below you can email for more information.
Agency contact information

NSW Police Force

NSW State Emergency Services

02 4251 6741

Department of Primary Industries

Roads and Maritime Services

Cassandra Brooks

Fire and Rescue NSW

NSW Rural Fire Service

Stephen Glassock

NSW Ambulance

Tim Fairservice

Transport NSW

Paul Hogan